Purchasing Considerations for Giclee Prints and Originals

Shop on Etsy first!

For the grand opening of my Etsy shop, I am featuring 15 images. As business increases, new prints will be available weekly. If you are interested in any of Goldwoman’s or Selma’s images featured in the galleries on this website, contact me directly, goldwomanfineart@cox.net

You may request originals, giclee digital prints on paper, or on canvas.

Follow these investment considerations: 

Step 1: Size

Fine art reproduction is an art. I feel blessed to have Image and Frame in Scottsdale, AZ, as my production partner for giclee prints, since their expertise is exceptionally high, and they have never let me down. The exact size of a giclee is a function of the size of the original painting; in order to preserve the integrity of proportion, Image and Frame calculates options for high level reproduction of an original painting.

Step 2:  Canvas or Archival Paper?

Decide whether you would like the image reproduced on canvas, or on high quality archival paper (which preserves color for hundreds of years). Any size image, except for “Mini,” may be reproduced on canvas with 1.5″ wooden stretcher bars, or on archival paper. (Mini” sized reproductions are only available on archival paper.) You would need to mat and frame reproductions on archival paper, or work with a framer.  Most sizes below are standard; mats and frames are available at art stores.

Pricing for CANVAS with 1.5″ Wooden Stretcher Bars (ready for hanging + shipping included):

11″ x 14″            $185      

16″ x 12″            $207

18″ x 14″            $230

20″ x 16″            $283

18″ x 24″            $343

24″ x 30″            $427    

30″ x 40″            $480     

Pricing for ARCHIVAL PAPER:  (Shipping Included)

8″ x 10″              $60

11″ x 14″            $87

16″ x 12″            $102

18″ x 14″            $124

20″ x 16″            $136

18″ x 24″            $166   

24″ x 30″            $226

30″ x 40″            $323

Step 3: Additional Information

Shipping and handling charges are free for giclee prints on paper. Shipping for giclee prints on canvas with wooden stretcher bars requires specialized packing to preserve your piece of art.  Estimate 15% – 20% of your cost for  packing and shipping. (I will quote you a specific shipping cost upon your order.)

Originals shown and sold by appointment. Contact me for a pricelist with images:  goldwomanfineart@cox.net 

You may purchase using PayPal or a credit card. I am here to assist you. Feel free to e–mail me with any questions: goldwomanfineart@cox.net and I will respond promptly.

  • Expect 2 weeks for delivery, or call for special requests.