Goldwoman Bio

My art reflects the unusual way I see the world. It is highly complex, but beautifully bound by multifaceted minutia that expresses the “secrets objects share.” I feel and and see patterns in everything, and it brings me great joy to interpret  the intricacy of concepts, landscapes and people. My pastel portraits reflect how beautiful, intelligent, strong, complicated, and intense we become as we evolve. Viewers often describe my art as obsessive, captivating, stimulating, and unique.  I am compelled to unleash my creative spirit to inspire others to do the same. Art is a soulful gift that never stops giving.

Since 1998, I have sold originals and limited edition giclees prints of my paintings, privately, corporately, and commercially in New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and Phoenix. In addition, I have won several awards from the State of New Mexico, Shemer Art Center, and the Arizona Artists’ Guild.