Establishing Goldwoman Fine Art and having this website is a dream come true for me. I am overjoyed to release the artwork of Selma to people everywhere for the very first time. Her vast portfolio manifests greatness expressed in hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculpture. I hope you will agree that her art celebrates the human spirit and captures the essence of beauty in everyday life.

Many have called my work delightfully obsessive, whimsically surreal, and totally unique. It reflects the best part of me. There is method to my madness and unspoken intention that links all the shapes and colors in my images into a larger meaning. Sometimes I am amazed by what’s inside, and yet, it’s inside all of us.

I offer these images to you for your walls at home, in your office, or your second home. Please know that each print is of the highest quality possible and part of a limited edition.

Consider looking at world-class art on your walls every day. Let the images speak to you. I guarantee it will enhance your life!